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  • Although we strive to provide accurate product information, on rare occasions manufacturers may change ingredients without notice.

  • Therefore, the actual product delivered and the description on the website may differ, so please be sure to check the product label and precautions before use.

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Mizkan Cooking Wine x 1L

SKU: EC-1328
  • Product introduction A cooking liquor (salted type) made specifically for cooking using rice and other raw materials. The alcohol prevents the ingredients from collapsing when making stews. It also improves the flavor of the ingredients. It also removes odors from fish and meat. The rich and mellow flavor brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients. It goes well with any Japanese, Western, or Chinese cuisine. Raw materials/components Brewing seasonings (rice, alcohol, salt, rice koji) (manufactured in Japan), alcohol, starch syrup, salt/citric acid

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