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  • Although we strive to provide accurate product information, on rare occasions manufacturers may change ingredients without notice.

  • Therefore, the actual product delivered and the description on the website may differ, so please be sure to check the product label and precautions before use.

  • Product image for illustration purposes only. Please note that the actual product and packaging may differ from the actual product delivered.


Mizkan Cooking Mirin x 1L

SKU: EC-1327
  • A mirin-style seasoning with a beautiful texture and gloss, and an elegant and mellow sweetness. It has an elegant and mellow sweetness that enhances the flavor of a variety of dishes. Since the alcohol content is less than 1%, there is no need to heat it to evaporate the alcohol (boil it down) like with hon mirin. It adds texture and shine to the ingredients, making your dishes look better. It perfectly enhances the flavor of various dishes such as teriyaki, boiled meat and potatoes, and grilled ginger.

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