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(Ingredients for 1 serving ~ 3 serving)

  • Tofu: 1 piece (350 ~ 450g) cut into 1.5cm cubes.


How to make thick powder liquid

  • Dissolve thick powder in 2 tablespoons (30ml) of water.


Cooking Instruction

  1. Make thick powder liquid.
  2. Add one serving of mapo tofu mix, 180ml of water ( just under 1 cup), and tofu to frying pan, turn on the heat, and bring to a boil while strirring gently.
  3. Turn off the heat , stir the thickening powder solution well, and the add it little by little to mix everything together.
  4. Turn on the fire again and simmer over medium heat while stirring. Once it thickens, it's done.

Marumiya Mapo Tofu Base Chicken Broth Flavour x 162g

SKU: EC-1110
  • This is mapo tofu with a rich chicken broth flavor that combines the flavor of Marumiya's special chicken stock and the richness of the bean sauce with the flavor of ginger and garlic from the accompanying Thickness.  For thickening powder, we use carefully selected starch with a focus on quality. The result is a thick texture that melts in your throat.

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