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How to cook

  1. Cut the pork belly into 3cm wide pieces, cut the cabbage into 3cm cubes, Slice the onion into thin slices of about 5mm and the carrot into thin slices.
  2. Heat the egg noodles in the microwave at 500W for about 30 seconds to make them easier to loosen.
  3. In a frying pan with salad oil, fry the squid shrimp mix and pork belly.
  4. When step 3 is cooked to a certain extent, add cabbage, onions, and carrots and stir-fry.
  5. Add step 2 and mix everything together, then quickly add the yakisoba sauce and serve.

Ikari Yakisoba Sauce Sweet And Spicy x 500g

SKU: EC-0102
  • Authentic Kansai ``Amakara Flavor'' has a rich and sharp flavor that is delicious even when quickly cooked in a frying pan without becoming watery. A rich yakisoba sauce that combines pork and oysters with the flavors of bonito, shiitake mushrooms, and kelp.

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