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Chicken thighs - 2 pieces (250g - 300g each)

Salad Oils - 2 tablespoons



  • Cut each piece of meat into 4 pieces, and make cuts in the thicker parts to allow for easier cooking.
  • If there is any moisture coming out of the meat, wipe it off with kitchen paper.


Cooking Instruction

  1. Flat and place the chicken skin side down. Spread it over the meat and sprinkle the spicy powder evenly over the meat.
  2. Turn the meat over and spread the crispy powder evenly over the skin. Leave the coat for 5 minutes. Crispy powder shake well before use.
  3. Heat oil in a frying pan. Place the lid skin side down and bake.
  4. When the skin is browned , turn off the heat and wipe off excess oil. Flip the meat over and the the heat on again. Grill until the meat cooked through. Move the meat occasionally to prevent it from burning on the frying pan.

House Crispy Garlic Chicken x 33.6g

SKU: EC-1247
  • Contains crunchy powder and spicy powder. By coating the skin with a special crunchy powder and baking it, you can get garlic chicken with a crunchy texture. It has a spicy flavor with garlic and two types of pepper.

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