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  • Although we strive to provide accurate product information, on rare occasions manufacturers may change ingredients without notice.

  • Therefore, the actual product delivered and the description on the website may differ, so please be sure to check the product label and precautions before use.

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Daisho BBQ Grilled Meat Sauce Mild Hot x 235g

SKU: EC-0065
$4.50 Regular Price
$4.05Sale Price
  • Based on the recipe from the time of its release, we have recreated the Yakiniku restaurant's flavor ``Yakiniku Ichiban'' using current manufacturing methods and ingredients, and added the refreshing sweetness of fruit juice. This yakiniku sauce is made with soy sauce, the richness of miso and sesame paste, and the sweetness of apple juice from Aomori Prefecture, and is finished with sesame oil for a good flavor. Please dip the grilled meat into this product and enjoy.

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