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Cooking instructions


  1. Pour the powdered soup into a bowl.
  2. Pour about 160ml of boiling water and wait 3 minutes.
  3. Adjust the amount of boiling water to adjust the intensity of the flavor.
  4. Mix well and enjoy.

Toyo Suisan Kuro Buta Curry Udon x 87g

SKU: EC-0453
$4.00 Regular Price
$3.50Sale Price
  • As part of the series of [Red Kitsune Udon] and [Green Tanuki Tensoba], [Black Pork Curry Udon] is a curry udon that pursues the deliciousness of a more authentic curry soup. This curry udon is a combination of chewy, chewy, smooth, thick udon noodles, pork extract, sweet onion, and a thick curry-flavored soup made with bonito stock. The ingredients are pork (sliced), carrots, onions, and green onions.

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