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Ajinomoto Instant Miso Soup Spinach x 13.2g

SKU: EC-1424
  • Miso soup with plenty of ingredients is an instant miso soup containing plenty of freeze-dried ingredients and flavorful dashi miso in the form of granules that dissolve quickly. Three types of miso (light colored miso, white miso, red miso) are uniquely developed using the technology and knowledge of "Hondashi" in collaboration with Ajinomoto KK and a long-established bonito flakes manufacturer that has been in business for more than 100 years. The ``dashi miso'' made with bonito flakes from Yaizu and Makurazaki, which are excellent in flavor, brings out the original flavor of the ingredients. In addition, we are particular about the manufacturing method, and by making the ingredients and miso separately and then assembling them together, the finished product is colorful and you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. ``Miso Soup with Lots of Ingredients'' Spinach 10 servings is an instant miso soup that will brighten up your dining table with the brightly colored spinach ingredients in the miso soup. Individually wrapped for each meal. Enjoy it in a variety of situations, such as when you're busy, when you want to add something to your table, during lunch time, or at the office.

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